Book Tour

The Record Keeper will launch on June 19, 2019, which marks the 100th Anniversary of The Red Summer. The Red Summer, in short, is a name coined by civil rights activist James Weldon Johnson to explain the rash of race riots that took place across America in the summer and early fall of 1919. To commemorate the activists that fought and died for freedom that summer, the Book Tour will visit every city wherein two or more riots occurred. After a dramatic reading from The Record Keeper, I’ll lead us in a town-hall style discussion wherein we’ll remember the Red Summer, chattel slavery, and some notable pioneers of the civil rights movement. Bring your teenagers, your history buffs and an open mind. I’ll see you there!

The Red Summer Remembrance Book Tour Schedule

Atlanta, Georgia

Birmingham, Alabama

Jackson, Mississippi

Houston, Texas

Memphis, Tennessee

Chicago, Illinois

Detroit, Michigan


Philly, Pennsylvania

Baltimore, Maryland

Durham, North Carolina

Charleston, South Carolina

Washington DC

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