3 Things to Love About The Record Keeper Cover Art

The art on the cover of The Record Keeper is among the best in its genre. It does exactly what cover art is supposed to do – mirror the book itself. It does this in a dozen ways, Here are the three most compelling:

The Colors – The black and white color scheme showcases The Record Keeper’s most prominent theme: racial divide in America. North v South, Brown v Board, Jim Crow – time and again, we tend to break along racial lines. The Record Keeper’s setting, the future American south, is perfectly illuminated by this highly contrasted, Black v White dominated book cover.

The Birds – Flying over the stark backdrop of racial segregation are the birds – splotches of red. They could represent the blood that flows when brothers divide. Or, more optimistically, the birds could suggest the love that struggles to settle among US.

The Chains – At first blush, they’re easy to miss. But look closely at the dark structure on the right side of the cover and – all at once – you’ll see it’s wrapped in chains! This “hidden enchainment” speaks to another of the The Record Keeper themes: what does it mean to be enslaved? Is it just a physical impairment or are there mental, spiritual and emotional components? At first blush, the answer seems obvious, but The Record Keeper takes a closer look at slavery, neo-slavery and the process of emancipation.

To read more about  THE RECORD KEEPER, a near-future dystopia based on the life of Frederick Douglass, examining past and present race relations – go HERE. To pre-order The Record Keeper go HERE.